Battery Backed Ras Pi

Portable Pi Computer

We are at it again and this time we are out to start a Raspberry Pi based portable Linux Computer. Yes it has a VRLA Battery for backup. Advertisements

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Protected: Beaglebone Black I2C Interface

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Blinky

Beaglebone Black Breadboard LED

As it turns out we found it hard to try to resist the Blinky! Here we go. As usual we wanted to blink an LED but not the one on the board. Maybe the on the breadboard is what we

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Beaglebone Black pin-outs

Beaglebone Black header Pinout

Beaglebone Black header information. Think you will find it usefull.

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Power Beaglebone Black from battery

7-40VDC I/P 5VDC O/P

We are building a monitoring station for a solar installation.  The idea of this monitoring station is to monitor, store & transport data like Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current, Luminous intensity etc over the internet. The monitoring station will be built

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Setup Beaglebone Black

Beaglebone Black

The next-gen BeagleBone Black is an impressive small sized low powered embedded computer, comes with a 1GHz processor, 512MB DDR3 RAM, MicroHDMI for audio video, built-in 2GB storage pre loaded with Ångström Linux operating system. The Beaglebone Black features two

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