We are a Bangalore based technology company, loves to dabble in electronics and computer systems. We build, engineer products, offer product engineering services, conduct hands on trainings, manage trial runs and pilot production amongst the other things.

We at Insigntech design and market our rapid embedded development systems IRDe. Insigntech rapid development systems (IRDe) provides developers a tested hardware and firmware platform to develop products quickly. IRDe includes many source documents which could be integrated into the products under development. Insigntech freely publishes IRDe design documents like source codes, binaries on Insigntech websites and blogs. A typical IRDe would include elements like SMPS modules, Display Boards, Microcontroller platform with boot loader, Wireless systems, Level shifter and the likes. Some of our solutions include standardised IRDe platform for Home automation, AMR, Consumer electronics, Solar Applications etc.

Feel free to email us for any information.

email : info@insigntech.in
Web. : http://www.insigntech.com


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